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Speaking Topics

With the challenges bearing down on us, adapting to new realities seems daunting.

But what if adapting is easier than we think? Consider this story of the NASA spiders adapting to change.

Listeners will come away with:

  •  inspiring stories about adaptability and resilience, both in humans and in nature
  • a better understanding of how sudden, unwanted change is both inevitable, but also manageable with we prepare
  • a list of traits to develop, which will prepare them for inevitable unwanted change in the future

We don’t live in a static economy but a fluid, dynamic result — the outcome of a million decisions being made every minute.

Good public policy can help nudge it in certain directions, but the evolution of the economy is largely in our own control.

Listeners will come away with:

  • a better understanding of “the economy” and how our actions influence the results
  • new ways to think about government and economic policies, and a challenge to reconsider our expectations
  • a list of three pillars that we must address if we are to not only rebuild, reimagine and evolve our economy but THRIVE!

Thrive in our relationships with work, income and life.

Allow ourselves a moment’s luxury to think and pave the path to the future. The nature of work and employment was changing long before COVID, but the pandemic has accelerated the trends. There’s a disconnect between high unemployment and labour shortages.

Listeners will come away with:

  • a clearer understanding of how the nature of jobs, tasks, work and careers is morphing
  • factors which are influencing the work world, particularly our emotions and personal connections with it
  • new ways to better prepare themselves — and their employees — for the changes ahead
Featured Works

Spiders In Space

Spinning a New Web:
Adapting to Unwanted Change.
Using the example of spiders learning to survive in zero gravity, this book will help you adapt to your changing environment.


Featured Works

Spiders In Covid Space

The Future of Adapting to
Unwanted Change
Adapting during and after the pandemic is an anthology of inspiring stories about pivots made during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Featured Works

The Boiling Frog Dilemma

Saving Canada From Economic Decline
The Boiling Frog Dilemma argues that Canada in the 21st century is at risk of falling behind internationally. We need to “up our game” in terms of creativity, innovation, risk taking, entrepreneurialism, cosmopolitanism, community and re-thinking environmental stewardship – or risk becoming economically irrelevant on the global stage.


About Todd
“Helping people better understand how to adapt to change in the 21st century economy through storytelling.”
Vice President & Chief Economist
ATB Financial

For over 20 years, Todd has worked as an economist at numerous organizations including the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canada West Foundation and the Bank of Canada. For almost a decade, Todd taught economics at the University of Calgary.

Todd has served on the University of Calgary Board of Governors and is the chair of the Calgary Arts Academy. He also currently serves on the boards of the Glenbow Museum and the Alberta Ballet.


An award winning-podcast hosted by Todd, connecting community and business leaders who have insight into a future that is both exciting and often uncertain. Episodes explore how our economy and communities can not only brace for change, but embrace the opportunities it creates.

“Todd’s perspective on adapting to change and his holistic view of what makes an economy thrive was inspiring to our team. He’s a unique and memorable guest speaker whose ability to connect with our audience and leadership team made our session a huge success. I highly recommend Todd for his thoughtful content, clear and energetic delivery, and joyful collaboration.”

Renée Francis

Senior Manager, Executive Communications, Finance - Autodesk - San Fransisco

“Todd is a fantastic speaker and communicator. Using powerful images and story, he was able to convey economic information in a truly unique and relatable way. It was extremely useful to our organization."

Shpendi Elmazovski, CPA, CA

CFO Canada - JTI-Macdonald Corp.

“Todd spoke to an audience of high level executives and government officials interested in bi-lateral trade with Canada. Through his use of images and story, he was able to engage our audience and convey the importance of the commercial links between Canada and Ireland. It was a truly unique presentation and the guests continue to comment on how much the enjoyed the presentation and information Todd brought to life. I'd highly recommend him for any kind of event."

Laureen Regan

President, Ireland-Canada Centre for Commerce


“The economy can feel terrifying and mysterious. We're deluged in data and statistics. I help make sense of it all through clear language , images, and metaphors.”


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